Minggu, 24 April 2016

Mata Hati Telinga
(Open the Eyes Heart Ear)

One story of the human
Try to understand the meaning of love
Really love above all
There was the only

Which is the reason to turn a blind eye
Did not see the real world
And the answer to all wondering
What we hope is able to realize a happy ending

reff :
Open the eyes heart ear
Surely there is more important than love ooo said ..
What you want is not always
All you need perhaps is the most important
Try to open the eyes heart ear

Are there times you feel the hearts and minds
Not always in line as you would expect
God please show what the ' right to come
The wisdom of all the mystery that was never solved

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Open the eyes heart ear
Open the eyes heart ear
Why do not you open your eyes ears hearts
Heart eye ear

Writter’s think:

This a coustic song format , contains about the importance of us to open our minds , eyes , hearts and ears in looking at various issues. Do not be, looking at the issue ( in this track in particular is the question of love of the opposite sex ) that " the result is " not in accordance with our wishes and the end of the world is bad luck.

What I think :
This song’s lyric has a really interesting but also a very deep meaning. " What you want is
 not always what you need , there is still more important " as the lyric fragment confirms
 that let us think, if our desire is true that we need? and also let us always be grateful
 and pray to the Creator to always be guided above all the problems affecting . Beside, the
 song is about a love song, this is also about our daily lifes.
Moral Message :
 " What you want is not always what you need , there is still more important "

Senin, 15 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

               Education is something that really important to our lives. Through education, someone who doesn’t know about everything, can know about something . It called knowledge. With knowledge we can do our live easier and better than someone who doesn’t have any knowledge in their lives.
Education is really important, especially for kids until Teen agers. Because in that age, humans are in their grow-up stage. If someone have a better education on that age, usually it will impact to their future. They will be a better person and have a good carrier on their live, so basically they can do their lives happier and also easier at the same time. But for someone that doesn’t have better education even doesn’t have any education, usually their future will not really good and it will be really hard for them to have any jobs in the future. So for me education is really important to everyone especially every kids all over the world. But unfortunately, there are so many kids that can’t have good education, and some of them even don’t have any education. Especially in Indonesia.
To be a better country, Indonesia must confirm that all of the young aged of their country experience a good education. Because that young aged will run the country in the future. There so many kids that don’t go to school, even some of the don’t want to go to school because of their economic problems. They should take care of their family or maybe should working to have some many. It made me sad, honestly. Even in their mindset, it’s better to have many by working instead of studying in school. For them is wasting their time. In other side, there are so many area in Indonesia that still lack of school. For me, the government should work harder to change their mindset about that. They could build more school or maybe department about kids that don’t to be on a school. I know it hard but if government really do their best to make it, I know they can.

In other side, the  other problem beside that in Indonesian education is the system. For me, the system in Indonesia doesn’t matched of the Indonesian young aged character. For me, the education system in Indonesia still force the student to be able to do the same things. Actually, every kids have their own passion and abilities that different from other kids. The Indonesian system should be more flexybel so it can make every kids can improve their abilities and also can do the education happily and enjoy. And it would make the education system in Indonesia more effective and also efficent. 

Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday

Last holiday, me and my parents went to Bali, Salatiga , and also Yogyakarta.now, I want toi tell you about my story at Bali. We went to Bali by an airplane from bandung. After we arrived at Bali, we went to the hotel at Kuta. We would stay in that hotel for 2 or 3 days. For me, the hotel was really amazing because the view  was the Kuta beach! So I could play in the the beach or maybe watch the sunset from the back of the hotel.
After me and my parents checked in at the hotel, we decided to go to eat lunch at Bali. Since we were in Bali, we wanted to eat something  that special from Bali. Then we decided to eat chicken betutu , someone was recommended to us. So we went to a restaurant then ate cicken betutu there. The chicken betutu was really nice! I would like to eat it again! After that we went to Hard Rock CafĂ© to bought a t-shirt for my brother and my father. After that we decided to came back to hotelk because we wanted to watch the sunset. But we trapped by a traffic jam in way back to the hotel, so it took a really long time to came back to hotel. But fortunately we could make it before the sunset.
We went to the Kuta beach after pray ashar. Me and my parents took some photos and played at the beach. Many tourist from other cities or maybe other country came to Kuta beach. Some of the took a picture, played football, or maybe just sat and talked with their friends or family. Me and my parents waited for the sunset, but unfortunately the sky was cloudy so we couldn’t see the sunset clearly. But we could see the sky’s color was little bit orange and also red at the same time. It was really good! At the night, my uncle’s family arrived at the Bali!
The next day, me and my parents and also my cousins went to Bali safari and Marine zoo. I really wanted to go there because I am in love with animals actually. For me, they really unique and also cool, I can’t explain it honestly why I love animals! At Bali safari and marine zoo, we rode a bus that took us around the safari zone. We could see many kinds of animals there! There some animals from Indonesia even from other country! I was enjoy the trip and the animals as well. Then after that we saw many kinds of fish too. I wanted to watch the piranha feeding time!! But my father said that we can’t watch it because it was the time to us to left the zoo and went to the Tanah lot. I was a little bit disappointed but we remain to went to the tanah lot.

At tanah lot, we just saw the beautiful scene of tanah lot, took a photo, bought some souvenir, then ate lunch atthere. The tanah lot weather was sunny and really hot. So we decided to bought some souvenir from Bali at a souvenir shop and we bought so many souvenir there. we came to hotel soon. At the afternoon, meand my cousins decided to played at the Kuta Beach, swam at the hotel’s pool, and we also could see the sunset even the sky was cloudy. I really enjoyed my holiday in Bali and I want to come there again soon!

Selasa, 24 November 2015

My School Life

Tonight I’ll tell you all about my school life..
Well honestly nothing so special about my school life when there aren’t any school events, heheh..
Usually, I arrive at school at a quarter past 6 (6.15 AM) and every morning I go to teacher’s room to pick the monitoring book, because I’m the secretary of my class. What is monitoring book? Monitoring book is a book that every class in 3 high school must write it every day, usually the secretaries from every class that someone who will fill the mentoring book  . The function of the mentoring book so that the principal can monitor the activities of the teaching and learning in every class in school. And every end of the day, I put back the monitoring book into the teacher’s room.
For me, I’m so glad that my class is in science 3. Why? Because science 3 is near KOPGUR/ koperasi guru (teacher’s cooperative ) , and also walini’s stand (it’s kind of stand that sell many kinds flavour for tea, and my favorite flavour is lychee and blackcurrant). Because, when the time to take a rest, I can buy some foods and beverages at there with a short time and also not to expensive. Well, even thought that kopgur doesn’t have many kinds of foods and beverages like in bazar.
I almost forget about my cross-interest subjects ! For my cross- interest subject, I choose english literature and Antropology. I choose english literature because, I want to learn more about english, especially to can expedite when I communicate in englsih. And I choose Antropology because I interested about something new!
That’s all for me! Thank You!!

My Extracurriculars

So tonight I’ll to you guys all about my extracurricular that I joined in 3 high school. In 3 High school, I have been joining DKM and MP3 for my extracurricular since I think about 1 month ago. Unfortunately my extracurricular not active yet now. But I’ll still tell to you about DKM and MP3.
First, DKM! DKM means Dewan Keluarga Masjid (family councils mosque). In 3 High School the name of our DKM is Al-Furqon because the mosque of 3 high school named Al-Furqon. Why I choose DKM as one of my extracurricular? It’s because, I thought that beside school’s subjects that we should learn all day and all night, or other skills like music, art and others. We must learn about islamic knowledge. And what I like about thin extracurricular is about the member of DKM that so friendly and humble, that make me as their junior comfortable around them.
My other extracurricular is MP3! Do not ever think that MP3 means music player, because in 3 high school, MP3 means Movie Production 3. From the name, we will know that that this extracurricular is basicly about making or producing movies! Why I choose MP3 as my extracurricular? It is because, at first I saw their videos or movies in youtube. I was interested about their movies that so unique and really have their own style. Sometimes it can be so funny but at the same time, their video had deep message for the viewers. Then, the editing of the videos also the idea for each video are really good. You should watch their video in youtube! Just type “Movie Production 3” on youtube’s search engine then you can watch their videos. And the last reason why I joined MP3 is because the members of the MP3 are really humble and friendly and also have their own unique styles. So that’s why I felt comfortable around them and happy too.
So, I hope my extracurriculars will start their activities as soon as posible. Because I can’t wait to be active in DKM and MP3! J
That’s all from me! Thank you to read this post J

Minggu, 22 November 2015

Where is a Place to Visit in Indonesia?

When someone ask to me, where is a place that you should visit in Indonesia? I’ll definitely recommended to visit Mount Rinjani in Lombok. Especially for you who love to hiking or camping, Mount Rinjani will be a great place to go for hiking and camping.

The height of Mount Rinjani is 3,726 m, it makes Moun Rinjani as the second highest volcano in Indonesia, second only to Mount Kerinci on Sumatra, and it dominates the landscape of the relatively small island of Lombok.

The mountain and its satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Park (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani) – officially 41,000 hectares within the park boundaries and a further 66,000 hectares of protected forest outside.
In 2008, the Indonesian government proposed to UNESCO that Mount Rinjani be one of the world’s official geoparks. If this was approved by UNESCO, Mount Rinjani would become the first such geological park in Indonesia.
In moun Rinjani there is some floras and animals.  Casuarina woodland (cemara) takes over higher up and eventually these give way to an alpine flora above the treeline.
Lombok is East of the Wallace Line and some bird species with Australasian affinities are therefore apparent. These include honeyeaters, cockatoos and green hanging parrots, in addition to species whose heartland is to the West including tits, weavers and tailor-birds. Bird life can be difficult to observe here due to the density of the forest, though if you have patience and are practised at mimicry many species can be tempted out from cover – if you have the time to spare and the forebearance of your trekking partners.
The familiar long-tailed grey macaque (the Bali temple monkey) is common right up to the crater rim. Of much more interest is the rare ebony leaf monkey which inhabits these forests and whose soft hooting contact call often provides a soothing backdrop to the birdsong. Rusa deer and muntjacs are more often heard than seen.

In Mount Rinjani, we also can see Segara Anak, the crater lake and Aik Kalak hot springs, at the crater rim

The Mulang Pakelem. This annual Hindu ceremony at the crater lake dates from the 18th century invasion of Lombok by Balinese from the kingdom of Karangasem and attracts hundreds of participants. The lake is sacred to Hindus and the sight of hundreds of white clad Hindu pilgrims sitting and praying here is a wonderfully uplifting experience.
Gua Susu (Susu Cave). One of the three famous caves (Gua Susu, Gua Payung, dan Gua Manik) at Rinjani
What I like the bet about Mount Rinjani it’s because the view of the mountain is gorgeous. So when we going to hiking or camping, we will really enjoy the view of the mountain. I never go to Mount Rinjani but for sure I really want to go there soon.

Situ Bagendit

 So, today, I’ll tell you guys about one of Indonesian traditional story from West Java.

Nyai Endit was a widow. She was the richest person in the village. She also had many servants working for her. But Unfortunately Nyai Endit had a bad attitude,She did not like to help others.

Whenever the villagers needed some money, they borrowed the money from her. However, when they returned it, the villagers had to pay double. If they were not able to return the debt, Nyai Endit would ask her servants to take the villagers belongings. Nyai Endit also hated beggars.

So when the old beggar came to her house, Nyai Endit immediately to ask her to go.

"Go away you old woman! Go out of my house!"

"Please, Nyai, give me some money or just give me some food. I'm so hungry," said the beggar.

"Food? You asked for food? Go now! I don't want to see you here” Nyai Endit said. Then she threw a stone to the old beggar.

The old beggar was very sad.

She then said, "Nyai Endit, I know you are the richest person in this village. You have anything but you never help other people. You are very greedy and not grateful to God. Wait for the punishment from God. You will be punished!"

The old beggar then left Nyai Endit's house.

"Ha ha ha! You are right. I'm the richest person here. So no one can punish me, not even God can punish me!" Nyai Endit was very arrogant.

Nyai Endit then went back to her big house. Not long after that, an earthquake happened. Her house fell down. Nyai Endit cried for help.

"Help me! Somebody please help me!" But nobody listened her crying for help.

Nobody in the village felt the earthquake. Amazingly, the earthquake only happened in Nyai Endit's house. The land was opened. It was so big that the entire Nyai Endit's house, and all her wealth were gone.

The villagers just watch what happened to Nyai Endit and her house. They were amazed. They knew that God punished Nyai Endit for behaving badly and never helped other people.

That’s All from me.. Bye!